Les Gold from Hardcore Pawn @ Love Vintage Show, Brisbane

Day Two of the Love Vintage Brisbane Show presented an even bigger and exciting opportunity for Laura and I. Thanks to the organisers (thank you Nicole and Daniel!!!) we had the privilege of having our very own interview with American Reality TV Star, Les Gold from Hardcore Pawn. Please check back on our blog soon to watch our video!!! For now, here’s a snap Laura and I were stoked to take with Les.IMG_7339I must thank the wonderful ladies at The Lindy Charm School for doing my hair and make up which you can see in the pic above, as well as in our video.

Aside from our interview, we also filmed the two sessions Les presented to the audience about the show and his life.  We are soon to release this video.

What is so amazing about Les is his strong work ethic and commitment to his family. In Les’s 40 years working as a pawnbroker, there has never been a day where he’s woken up not wanting to go to work. Les absolutely loves what he does and his passion is definitely an inspiration for anyone which easily rubs off, no matter what industry you work in. Les was accompanied on his trip to Queensland with his wife Lili, an absolutely stunning and lovely lady. Laura and I enjoyed talking with Lili about life out of the limelight and living in Detroit.

After Les’s sessions, it was time for Laura and I to fit in some shopping. We checked out some of the amazing exhibitors including Retro Pop, Arkive Vintage and La Bella Donna  where I bought my first vintage red lipstick from Besame Cosmetics. I especially love the little red velvet pouch it came in! Laura also found the most stunning headpiece for her upcoming wedding from Coutura Vintage, but this, like her wedding dress, will be kept under wraps until the big day.

photo-24       photo-26

Nat xx

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