DIY Nail Art Workshop Brisbane

It doesn’t take a lot to notice that nail art is a trending topic on all forms of social media. It seems girls can’t get enough of the ever amazing designs that almost seem impossible to fit on a tiny fingernail.IMG_8268

So it was a fantastic idea by Natalie D’Alessandro from Fashionista Events to host a DIY Nail Art Workshop in Brisbane, presented by Celia from I Scream Nails on 16 April at The Studio at Park in Newstead.IMG_8229

The night was a huge success with all girls learning about the tools and techniques of fantastic nail art. Most realised that you don’t need to be a professional to perfect the skill, just a steady hand and an eye for cool colours to really make the nail art pop.

These workshops are a fantastic way to get an introduction to a new skill and also to meet and network with like minded ladies.IMG_8236

Take a look to see the fun Nat and I had joining in on the night in our very own video.

We’ve also got more photos on our Facebook.

Laura x

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