QT Fashion Week Sneak Peak

I was so excited to get a phone call from talented floral designer Julia Rose from Wedding Flowers by Julia Rose asking me to attend and cover blogging the Qt Fashion Week and Awards sneak peak, based around her spectacular fresh floral gown. IMG_8295

On Thursday, 18 April I joined Julia and Kim Bailey, designer from East of Grey who dressed both myself (I am so so lucky!) and Julia for the Fashion Week and Awards opening night at Qt’s Stingray Bar. I absolutely loved my pink skirt and bodice as it matched my pink hair!IMG_8359


If you know the beautiful work Julia already does creating and designing floral art for weddings and events, there was absolutely no way I would miss this special night. In fact, any opportunity I get to support Julia’s work at events or wear her beautiful fresh floral head pieces is always a privilege.

In prepartion for the evening, Julia spent over 10 hours in the studio at Qt constructing the gown out of fresh blood red roses & deep burgundy dahlias.IMG_8394The gown also featured a stunning floral head piece.IMG_8402

What I found so amazingly wonderful was that people at the event were asking if they could have a wedding dress made out of fresh flowers, just like this!

Julia Rose with Qt Fashion Week and Awards Event Coordinator Michaela Fitzgerald.IMG_8418

The night also featured art work on the Stringray bar walls from Christoph Parsons.


Event attendee Zoey McGill added a point of difference to the night getting around in her wicked roller skates.


Qt Fashion Week and Awards continues on until Sunday 28 April.

For more photos from the event, visit our Facebook.



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