BrisAsia Festival – YUM CHAT

If there’s anything Asian going on in Brisbane, count me in! I’m an extreme lover of the culture and especially the people!

Tonight I attended an event called Yum Chat, presented by Brisbane City Council and WTF14 as part of the BrisAsia Festival at the Brisbane Powerhouse.


Yum Chat followed a simple, yet really enjoyable format. You simply turned up, got your name badge and nominated from the many available local Asian artists and creative industries guest speakers which table you’d like to sit at.

Each table had two speakers who encouraged active participation from all fellow industry professionals and enthusiasts around the table. We’re talking really experienced artists including dancers, digital marketing specialists, poets, performers and artists. There was even delicious Asian cuisine shared amongst the discussions.

This event was an excellent opportunity to not only discuss but to understand how the Asian heritage has influenced their work. It also allowed me to reach out to the Brisbane Asian network and to make new friends who share a similar passion working in the industry.

Walking away from this event I confidently feel I’ve been able to network my brand Interlaced Media, but more importantly have helped others to understand my commitment and passion for the arts, especially in the Asian culture.

There’s hopefully another time I can catch up with the new friends I have made!


L to R: Me, Zhang Ting and Kerry Turnbull

I was so glad my colleague recommended this event to me otherwise I would have missed out.

If you would like to check out what else the BrisAsia festival has to offer, you can check out the full guide here. The festival goes until 1 March.




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