Raw Spectrum presented the right blend of artistry, from showcasing out there special FX make up, to subtle women’s fashion and for the first time that I’ve seen at the showcase, a mens clothing range.

I spent quiet a bit of time backstage with Charmaine (below) from Gorgeous Portraits, Body Painting and Shoot the Town Red. Her special FX make up, body painting and sculpting work (a model with three breasts) was something refreshingly different to see both on and off the stage. Hair by Elise Coulson.

003A0036.JPG use

003A0705.JPG use

Above, Model Rebecca Mitchell wears clothing by Harpi van Der Mourn.

Below, model Casey Lee looking wearing special FX make up by Charmaine.

003A0053.JPG use

Bringing colour to the catwalk was Summa Shing Make up Artist (below).

003A0056.JPG use

003A0413.JPG use

003A0079.JPG use

Models (L to R above) Lorcan Coates, Elliott Griffin and Isaiah Abrham wearing t-shirt designs from Oxë clothing.

003A0316.JPG  use

003A0081.JPG use

Above and below, designs from Alex Nightingale. Models (L to R) Mikayla Frith, Annika Forsberg and Anjee Jones.

003A0275.JPG use

003A0111.JPG use

Taking photos with these models felt like I was backstage taking photos for Vogue. The vibe of the hair and make up and the eco friendly clothes was fab! Well done to Reciclagem by Tamara Leacock from New York. Hair by Sarah Courtney.

003A0860.JPG use

003A0135.JPG use

Backstage with this model who reminded me of Jennifer Lawrence. #modelcrush

003A0223.JPG use

Above, mens and female t-shirt range The Wanderers Co.

003A0526.JPG use

Model Lauren Ellem (above) wearing Seven Eves from designer Nikita McKay.

003A9932.JPG use

Artist Rowland Anthony (above) amongst his painting and filming works.

003A9941.JPG use

Sam Galer Art, specialises in portraits, murals and commissions. Great portrait of the Joker in the middle!

003A9948.JPG use

Artist Jessica from Jessica Gehle Art stands by her a piece she did of her boyfriend.

003A9954.JPG use

Jules and Jon Sutton from Sconnie And Jam showcasing some of their prints on pillows in their colourful store.

003A9963.JPG use

I loved the collection of work by Wild Rice, as it combined journalism, photography, culture and style together. I love a photo that can tell a story, just like the one of the young girl in the centre.

For more photos visit my Facebook.

Nat x

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