My take on the Royal visit

What a spectacular day!

Brisbane certainly turned on the weather to welcome the their Royal Highnesses, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.003A0918

When my hairstylist Marselly mentioned her boyfriend, Australian actor Pach (Pacharo Mzembe) was invited to attend the main event in Brisbane with the Royals I immediately jumped at the chance to help him find the best suit in town.

For those that don’t know Pach has starred in Underbelly and was recently the lead actor in QPAC’s production of “The Mountaintop”, starring at Martin Luther King. Pach is also a big charity supporter.


Thank you to Justine and Mark Ferguson from Wil Valor for dressing Pach. He looked the ultimate part!

Pach wore a navy self check suit made from Italian wool, with tartan detailing on the waist band and inside lining.




While Pach was inside the exclusive invite only event, Marselly and I stood on the streets awaiting the arrival of the Royals for more than three hours…. talk about working on a tan haha.

Anyway while we were in the crowd we were asked by Channel Nine to do a live on air interview. This was a first time opportunity for us both, so naturally Marselly talked about Pach hanging with the Royals and I thanked Mark Ferguson from Wil Valor for dressing Pach. We were so stoked! What a way to top off the already special day.





Above is a copy of the Royal protocols. Did you know …. “Your Royal Highness” is to be said after first being presented to their Royal Highnesses, and after that use “Sir” or “Ma’am”. Also, you should only shake a hand if a hand is offered.

Also invited to the Royal event was Megan Todd from Knots and Knits, Olympic gold medallist, swimming sensation Cate Campbell and Danielle from Baked Relief.


Above, Megan Todd wears Veronika Main pant and jacket set with Witchery top.


Megan Todd accompanied her outfit with one of her very own Knots and Knits designs she made especially for today.


Swimming star Cate Campbell with Megan before the big event.



Danielle from Baked Relief after the Royal visit. Dress by Sasha Drake, shoes by Joanne Mercer and hat by Embellish atelier- Couture Millinery, Sydney.




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