Melbourne #Bloggersxvamff 2015

I did it when I went to Vancouver and I did it again when I went to Melbourne in March. I contacted as many bloggers and just generally any person I could find working in the fashion industry about catching up over brunch. The result was 22 amazing attendees including fashion bloggers, pr creatives, photographers and make up artists. Together we made #Bloggersxvamff.

Thank you so much to all the new Melbourne friends I have for supporting this idea and attending. Also to Crabapple Kitchen in Hawthorn for hosting us. We squeezed into their tiny balcony area at the back, and like true fashionistas, we sure did a good job of taking over the place in our Saturday best outfits and getting along like crazy fireflies with our chats and of course selfies haha.

The reason I organised this event was to meet like minded people who are passionate about working hard to establish their own blogs as well as learn off and support each other. This was all at the same time as having a good laugh and making hopefully life long friends.

I honestly want to say you each individually inspire me and I cannot wait to come back. As long as we all continue to do what we do with our hearts then we will make a difference not only to our own lives (we’re all obviously obsessed with fashion), but to those around us who want to be part of the industry. We all have side jobs and other friends and hobbies in our lives, but working to have your own business is pure determination and out of complete passion. Thank you so so so so much everyone. To everyone reading this blog, I’d love if you could please take the time to check out these wonderful creatives who attended:

Blathnaid Prenter – @wildflowerdiariesblog
Leila Andrews – @fashionsociety
Lina Grant – @lina.grant
Bianca Melb – @biancamelb
Sammy Cashen – @un_zippedfashionsource
Kirsty Cassidy – @gfashionista
Raff Gu – @raffmakeup
Rehan Shrestha – itsrehanshrestha
Diane Pantoja – @diane.pantoja
Nicole and Rachel – @thiskindheartblog
Tapi and Mati – @le_ntendre and tapi_noir
Bella Mizzi – @missbellamizzi
Katya Ellis – @madeinmelbournefashion
Suzanne Dang – @suzannedang
Tanaka Alexandra – @tanaka.alexandra
Jorja Brown – @jorjamei
Aimee Johannsen – @alohaeverybody_
and me Natalie Rap – @interlacedmedia
For now, please enjoy a highlights video and some photos.

003A9615 2 003A9617 11685_10152644654766152_3676206151907419435_n 14700_10152644662321152_5979263063776686003_n 150793_10152644654491152_2306326102328420080_n 988510_10152644656036152_4464228670648815046_n 1911842_10152644672876152_4732586112833025078_n 10356310_10152644662331152_4020375855930224756_n 10478529_10152644662206152_6300396407865159001_n 10583823_10152644663481152_8609064395075606259_n 10985397_10152644670616152_8945655342863244705_n 10995823_10152644658636152_5916131906963783535_n 11070483_10152644662211152_4320853018915108196_n 11102749_10152644670611152_1866813840052517667_n 11109448_10152644663466152_746237852886228812_n 11110809_10152644654761152_372083824570518403_n 11140018_10152644663936152_5342968576972358093_n 003A9610 11141206_10152644661166152_2184988339589201644_n 11146308_10152644663731152_8686485977065276594_n 11147021_10152644663931152_6380816947274836532_n 11149383_10152644663751152_2974185772591647679_n 11150441_10152644655031152_5997228593324575628_n 11150441_10152644663461152_9182874152272641529_n 11150601_10152644673086152_428540902932460393_n 11156145_10152644662836152_1492599847982680771_n 17197_10152644661156152_6582910245272919_n 003A9587-2 003A9586 003A9605 003A9603 003A9602 003A9607 003A9608 If anyone else reading this wants to be part of the catch ups, please get in touch – Nat x

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