Run The World 2015, Brisbane

Put more than 400 women and 11 female entrepreneurs from across Australia in one room and what do you get?… #runtheworld domination!

Saturday 16 May was a day like no other for especially for the local women of Brisbane with the League of Extraordinary conference held at QUT Gardens Point.

I know from chatting to a lot of ladies present that the advice and one on one contact they were able to receive on the day, is what they’ve been looking for a long time but didn’t know where to do find it.

So how do I fit into it? Well I met Chiquita Searle, General Manager of the League of Extraordinary Women at a fashion parade I was coordinating the backstage area for about 3 to 4 years or so ago now.

I adored and respected her well made designs and knew she would be a leader one day able to help me on my own journey. We have stayed in touch and when I saw this event coming up in Brisbane I asked her if I could be part of it.

My long term goal is to work in production management with also somehow the opportunity to encourage and support diversity as well as find a way to make it able to give back to others…. I am on this journey to get there and am looking for ladies with a similar interest to help me, so holla if it’s you.

Anyway back to the conference, there were eleven talented guest speakers varying from different ages to careers, backgrounds and stories of journey to their now success.

Through volunteering at the event, I was fortunate to hear them all present a 20 minute speech each:

Lola Berry, Health and Lifestyle Guru

Samantha Wills, Creative Director and Designer for Samantha Wills

Sue Ismiel, Sue Ismiel & Daughters (Nads)

Rebekah Campbell, Posse

Barb De Corti, Enjo

Lisa Messenger, The Messenger Group CEO & Editor In-Chief, The Collective Magazine

Nicole Kersh, The Content Folk/4Cabling

Petrina Fraccaro, Charlton Brown

Jane Lu, Show Po

Kelli Wharton, Creative Director for Talulah

Kate Weiss, Table of Plenty

Some helpful tips I have taken away will stay with my very close in my mind as I work through them and apply them to where I am at now with Interlaced Media.

I would like to share some advice I took down to help you too:

Kelli from Talulah,

you can have a great product you need a great brand and image

Samantha Wills,

have an opinion but keep an open mind

your personal brand is your currency

your brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room

make yourself irreplaceable, go above and beyond for your clients

add more value and financial success will follow

successful people build a train – you should follow them.

Here are a few pictures I managed to take in between working on the day.




Samantha Wills and I after her inspirational speech.


Marguerite from My Style PR wearing a gorgeous skirt and top from Gorman.


Selfie with Lisa Messenger from The Collective Magazine


Jane Lu from ShowPO and I.


Kate Weiss from Table of Plenty doing her presentation on stage.


The goodie bags contacted water bottles with lights underneath. We all took a moment out of the day to appreciate this haha 🙂


Behind the scenes having fun with some fellow volunteers.


Samantha Wills on stage.


Lisa Messenger delivering her highly energetic and uplifting speech.


Volunteering fun!


Some beauties by the media wall.


Rebeccah from Allure Collections and I volunteering.


Some of amazing volunteers I got to work alongside. Photo courtesy of The League of Extraordinary Women.


Just days before volunteering behind the scenes to get all the goodie bags packed. Photo courtesy of The League of Extraordinary Women.

Thanks for reading my post.



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