TCF Connect – Kym Ellery Premiere

The Monday just gone was the perfect start to this week, after I attended the Ellery in Paris film premiere at the QMC Cinema in Kangaroo Point Brisbane.

I walked into the packed theatre with my ears and eyes wide open ready to soak in as many tips to help me on my journey to working in the fashion industry.

To start the night we had the great pleasure of hearing guest speaker Christine StClair so calmly and openly speak about her experiences of working both nationally and internationally in the fashion industry.

Christine is a Paris fashion buyer, stylist, RMIT lecturer and mentor, and also opened Australia’s first stand alone Comme des Garcons stores in Melbourne and in GOMA Brisbane.

Christine touched on doing fashion business internationally, which was my area of interest given I have done a small bit of travel to overseas fashion weeks and would like to tap more into this market in the near future.

She gave advice about healthy cash flow in running your own small business and how to start one, taxes and even touched on the importance of international business relations, which is so important when working with different cultures. I really appreciated that.


At approximately 7.30pm it was time to screen the film about Australian fashion designer Kym Ellery’s journey to showcasing for the very first time at Paris Fashion Week.



Photo via TCF Connect

Here’s a few things I did learnt about Kym Ellery after watching the film:

  • Kym was born and raised in Perth
  • Both her parents are hard workers, so it’s no surprise why she is too
  • Her brother is extremely supportive and recalled growing up with her going to lots of fabric shops
  • She worked at Russh magazine before getting her start as a designer
  • Kym is known for her silhouette designs – everyone loved her flare pants
  • She refers to ‘Paris Fashion Week’ as the ‘Olympics for the fashion world’
  • Kym is the third Australian fashion designer invited to Paris fashion week in twenty years
  • She get her inspirations for collections from film and art
  • Kym dates Australian surfer Luke Stedman, who heavily features in the film as a huge supporter to her personally and her career. Luke said ‘she makes anything she wants happen’.You go boy 🙂
  • One colleague described Kim as a whole including her collection ‘it’s not about making fun but having fun’.

I really loved the format of this film by Patrick Pearse. He seemed to really show Kym in her most natural light, but also highlighted her real work ethic side and most importantly he beatifically captured her ability to always be having fun with her work.

It’s inpsiring to see how just at 30 years old all of Kym’s hard work and determination has really paid off and been recognised on the world stage. I believe I have a similar mentality to Kym in that if I really want something, I’ll just try and make it happen.

After the show I was buzzing with ideas and was so eager to go home and just get going on all of my photography editing and fashion planning. But before I left I did get the chance to chat with a few attendees, some of who I only just met last week at other fashion events. It was nice to meet you all

003A0677From left, @Alciemaydesigns


 From left, Erin from Brisbane band Miss Elm.



Grace, Anna and Bri from @hotchickswithbigbrains.


Grace is from TCF Connect and responsible for organising the entire night. Thanks so much for all your efforts with getting everyone together to be inspired by some of fashions best.


Brisbane based fashion designer Anna Hulm and I.

Thanks TCF Connect for having me along as part of the night. I hope to see you all again soon.



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