Joel Richy Foundation Launch

Just less than a year ago I was invited to support the young but super talented Joel Richy at his brow launch at Capulet bar. Last weekend we found ourselves back there for the launch of the Joel Richy Foundation. With a sweet crowd turn out and stunning models and garments to compliment the make up, the night was a huge success. Congratulations to you Joel. I wish you every success and look forward to supporting you on your journey to event bigger and better things in the make up industry.

003A1231 003A1230 003A1258 003A1305 003A1298 003A1295 003A1283 003A1264 003A1310 003A1318 003A1323 003A1328 003A1330 003A1337 003A1336 003A1335 003A1331 003A1339 003A1349 003A1350 003A1351 003A1355 003A1356 003A1357 003A1359 003A1362 003A1363 003A1366 003A1369 003A1373 003A1380 003A1385 003A1386   003A1389 003A1391 003A1396 003A1397 003A1398 003A1399 Nat x

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