MBFF Sydney – Day one

Most times I have the chance to travel it’s to combine the trip with something fashion and people related.

I don’t know why I’ve left it is so long to come to Sydney and enter the fashion scene, however I am proud that I’ve made a start and am really looking forward to these next very short but hopefully jam packed days.

Last night the ran set in as I arrived into Sydney. This didn’t stop the city from looking just as pretty as I had imagined.

As I approached Town Hall in my uber all I could see was the lights of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival and I knew that I had arrived…super excited mind I add.

The stairs lead up the building with a pack of media in front of the wall snapping all the personalities that were attending for the opening night.

Here’s a few highlights from my night with runway photos to come soon…

003A8379003A8431 003A8405

003A8375 003A8370 003A8365 003A8354 003A8348 003A8340 003A8335 003A8318




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