Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival – Gorman

You know you’ve totally aced the fashion scene in your country when everyone – well 90% – of people arrive to your show wearing your clothes.

Gorman Clothing has been described as a cult and it’s literally like that without the evil, but the pure sweet good.

On Saturday at the Melbourne Museum the Fashion Festival was a sea of mostly females both young and old in the past and latest styles of Gorman.

Where do these clothes all come from? Well a count of the website shows designer Lisa Gorman has an amazing 27 stores in Australia as well as one in New Zealand.

Unlike many shows it’s rare to see a designer as a big as Lisa floating about beforehand, but this wasn’t the case with her. Lisa presented herself in the most relaxed and humble way among family an friends before the show and was available and most lovingly open to taking photographs with adoring followers of her label. This is a breathe of fresh air….so everybody continue to support this amazing woman.

Anyway I was extremely privileged to be at this show and in the press pit.

Here’s some pre show, runway and post runway shows of the clothes and some of the who’s who in my favourite outfits.










Thanks for checking out my post.



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