The best in B & W street style at the Melbourne Fashion Festival

As a Queenslander and prior to attending Melbourne just twice in the last two years, I always had the perception that everyone dressed mainly in black and white.

I imagined the minute of stepping out of the plane the sky’s would be gloomy with rain clouds on the horizon and all I would see is black long coats and umbrellas. This is of course wasn’t the case haha.

I’m a person who usually wears a lot of colour, but because my wardrobe is bursting out of the seams, so to speak, with a lot of colorful clothes, I have been envious of those that can just be satisfied with a classic and sharp black and white outfit.

It wasn’t until going through all my photos that I saw a trend of trendy people who were wearing black and white, because people in Melbourne in fact wore a variety of this and colour.

So I’ve decided to pull together some of the best black and white outfit photos that I took and introduce you to the people behind them.

Please enjoy.


The stunning Alexia Petsinis is an all round fashion beauty who since meeting her last year has really uped her presence in the fashion world making a strong name for herself. See her work at @alexiapetsinis


At just 18 Ruby Brownless is most fresh faced in black. Check out her instagram to see how this Aussie beauty consistently looks lives up the live of an awesome Aussie – @rubybrownless


One of my absolute favourite’s to see now when I go to VAMFF is Shiva Singam, who is the Senior Business Development and Relationships Executive for the VAMFF.


Meet Indianna. We met at VAMFF last year while taking street photos. Indianna is definitely a girl on the go who is not afraid to move and shake things in the social media space when it comes it bolstering the talent of Melbourne beauties. Support her work @indiannaroehrich.


I feel in love with Anika and her amazing outfit from the get to. Anika is a Brand Manage @theLOFT_FashionAgency and in this photo she is wearing an amazing top her friend made impressively the night before VAMFF by @domique_healy.


Say hi to Anthony Pecora who is an executive at Target Australia and a proud support of VAMFF.


These ladies are actually from Brisbane and visited VAMFF with their mum. They all looked simply outstanding in their outfits. Brisbane represent!



And lastly, this pocket rocket is Jonte from her own label Jonte Fashion Label in Perth. When she’s not getting snapped up by people for photos she’s a burst of energy with laughs and lovely things to say. She love her fashion and throughout VAMFF always looked outstanding. Visit her page @jontedesigns.

Thanks for reading.



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