Tokyo Style Unite bloggers & fashion brunch

My first trip to Tokyo was in October 2015 for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and in true Nat style I of course hosted my first bloggers and fashion brunch, Tokyo Style Unite.

These events provide the opportunity to connect with like-minded people who are passionate about working in the fashion and creative industries and give me and everyone the chance to make new friends.

Prior to arriving in Japan I was flat out busy in Australia having just gone to Sydney for the fashion festival and hosting a brunch there, and then getting back to Brisbane to plan my overseas trip to Tokyo and Seoul only a few weeks later. So when I finally did arrive in Tokyo I think I spent about a whole day inside my Air’BnB in Shibuya just trying to finish planning the rest of this event.

All the time and effort was totally worth it and while a few faces couldn’t unfortunately make it, the catch up was small but sweet.

Please check out this video and my photos further below to help join in our day:

A very big thank you to my friend Gerry. We met over Instagram more than two years ago and were fond over each others work and became friends. Gerry can speak very little English but was still such a champion and doll of a friend and helped me to design the poster for the event:

MBFW Tokyo Fashion Party003A9568003A9608003A9577003A9617003A9604003A9625003A9633003A9613Art work by @Tokyomarin



I would like to thank everyone for coming and for supporting my World Style Unite events.

If you are interested in coming along to an event please email me

All the upcoming #WorldStyleUnitePeople dates will be uploaded soon.




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