Margaret Zhang – Vivid Sydney: Game Changers

Don’t dare call her adorable, she absolutely hates it.

Meet Margaret Zhang – the absolute brain, fashion powerhouse and all right down to earth Australian taking the world by storm.

Yesterday I attended the Vivid Ideas Game Changers Talk Series session at Town Hall while on my trip to Sydney.

The room was packed with rows of eager faces. This young lady who only turned 23 on Friday had everyone glued to every word she had to say about her honest experience of working in the industry.

The session began with a presentation from Margaret about the shifting landscape in the creating industries and her advice on how she manages a profile as a solo professional working with some of the worlds biggest clients including Dior and Chanel.

My take aways from this:

  • update your skills. Just because you went to university years ago it doesn’t make your skills relevant now. Always continue to learn.
  • the consumer is more intelligent – how can you evolve your existing consumer into your dream consumer – you can’t just sit around
  • think about what is your brand messaging – do you really need to be on every social platform?
  • likes don’t equal everything – the most important measure is how people use your brand.
  • think about what is happening in 10 years time.

This was followed by an interview on stage by Alyx Gorman, Editor of Time Out Sydney.

Margaret said when growing up she was often referred to as the accidental 40 year old, making reference to her love for music and how people thought she was too young to know the artist Prince.

When asked about work life balance, Margaret said – if you’re thinking about work life balance, then you’re not really living in the real world – if you love what you do you just keep working. Margaret said she has been doing at least one long haul flight a week.

Margaret also touched on social media and said the lifespan of an Instagram post is about two hours.

This interview covered a lot – one of the privileges of being able to be there and hear it all was worth it! If anyone reading this attended, I’d love to hear your thoughts on how you found it.

I’m definitely feeling inspired and can’t wait to keep on going with my own career.

See further below some photos of what people wore to the event.




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