Seoul Bloggers & Fashion Industry Brunch

When in Seoul for Fashion Week last October I organised my first Seoul Bloggers and Fashion Industry event.

The event happened to fall on Halloween, which was probably the most hectic time after fashion week because we had non stop been at fashion shows and after parties and just in general living it up in Seoul.

Regardless, I’m so appreciative to everyone who attended to make the catch up possible. Being Halloween, this actually made the event all a little more special as we got into them theme.

We spent the late morning having brunch at a traditional Korean restaurant in the area of the famous King’s Palace. When you love Seoul so much and find it so easy to get around, it’s actually easy to feel like a local. It’s not until you go a little further from the main stretch though that you realise it’s hard to find the address of where you’re going when you can’t read Korean haha. With the help of some friendly people on the street and Chris who attended I found my way 🙂

After lunch we moved onto a cute a little cafe and chat and had our fun for the rest of the afternoon.

I’ll be back in Seoul this year and hosting another brunch. This time I’ll choose a venue a little more Central and a bit more spacious so we can have more room to take photos and hopefully have a bigger group of us to meet.

Please enjoy this small video I made from our day…




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