New York Fashion Week – Anniesa Hasibuan

Out of the more than 100 fashion shows I saw across my five months of overseas travel, this one by designer Anniesa Hasibuan topped my favourite five.

Why? Two major reasons. Thirty year old Anniesa Hasibuan became the first Indonesian fashion designer to present at New York Fashion Week, and at that the first to showcase an entire traditional Hijab collection.

I actually had no idea what to except. I made my way into the press pit at the location of the fashion show inside the Skylight at Moynihan Station, Manhattan.

The press pit was ridiculously packed and after having stayed too long outside taking street style photos, it was really hard to get a good spot to take photos.

Any way, I managed to squeeze in and when the show started the immediate reaction was more than pleased from the crowd. From then on the outfits of this summer spring 17 collection titled D’Jakarta kept on coming. The was so many incredible materials and exquisite details.

I had never seen a show like this in my life.

There were in fact 48 looks. Sign me up for one!




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