New York Fashion Week – VFiles

My first show of New York Fashion Week and I had no idea if I was able to get in or not.

I ventured to Soho, got off the train and turned my Google maps on. Good thing was I didn’t need it. A tall dark fashionable looking guy was beside me and I thought to ask him if he were also going to the show. He said ‘yes’.

We ran across the traffic lanes to a warehouse looking building with four lanes of people in lines out front.

The question was which lane to go in. I quickly made a friend and she was also asking the same questions but we soon figured it out.

We stood in line for about 20-30 minutes it felt like and during that time rain drops started to fall. It was 10 minutes till show time and by this point we had no idea who was able to get in or not.

I managed to get myself inside. They were asking for seat numbers and only those with them could go through. I didn’t have one but I miraculously managed to get past and progressed forward to the next barrier. There were two great big doors to enter the show with about four security guards saying no more people because the show was at capacity. In true American style people were pretty passionately vocal about not being let inside and so was I.

The security guards said they could fit a few more people in and luckily I was next in line to go inside.

I sat in the already jammed packed press pit and shot the show. Mission complete.






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