Fashion Week Stockholm

I was in Stockholm last year for approximately two days, one of which I spent at Stockholm Fashion Week, and the other two halves travelling from and back to the airport.

Despite my never ending race against the clock, I still made the most of the beautiful city.

I didn’t get to do any shopping, but I did manage to window shop on my way through to fashion week. One thing to know about Stockholm if visiting is that food and drinks are pricey. For breakfast at my hostel cafe bacon and eggs were $22 AUD, and the price of a small hot chocolate I sipped on while waiting for a fashion show to start was the equivalent of $8 AUD.

Another thing which is fashion related worth knowing about Stockholm is that pretty much everyone wears sneakers. This couldn’t be more handy enough with all the fashion shows accessible on foot, but not ideal if in heels.

While in Stockholm, I managed to see a few shows, one being Diana Orving, which is on a previous post of mine,

For lunch, I went to the local grocer and got fresh fruit and pigged out on cheese and salami and took it back out on the side kerb to eat and people. I didn’t actually get to do this much, and by that, I mean eat while working on my trip. Usually, fashion show schedules are so crazy together there was no time to eat, but just drink coffee and I never do that back in Australia!

Anyway, it’s now time you have the privilege to meet some of the amazing people that I did throughout my one amazing Stockholm day…












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