Korea Brand Expo Sydney

Thanks to Facebook I saw there was a Korea Brand Expo being held on at the Hilton in Sydney – so of course I attended after work.

I spent around one and a half hours taking a look through the available brands on display.

The expo is on again tomorrow until 6pm (7 November) and aims to promote 28 companies in the areas of living and kitchen, fashion, beauty and innovation.

I wanted to have a quick look through all the stalls, however time only allowed for me to check out and to talk with exhibitors that would be relevant to my Seoul Kids Fashion Show event.

My aim was to promote our event and to find potential vendors who might be interested in a possible collaboration or sponsorship in Korea during our next kids fashion event and maybe also in Australia for a possible team up pop up stall next year.

Thanks to everyone who spoke with me and gave me their time. It was nice to be able to explain my passion for Korea and what I am trying to do to help grow the industry there and support in Australia.

Here are some photos….


003A7877Exhibitor #44 Illustnet


The Fillit – also known as Fillit Beauty is a phone cover with a dedicated make up space and also another product with a portable charger with the same make up attached. Note the make up is owned by the same brand and is replaceable once it runs out)


It was nice to meet Kang the CEO from Rose Heart (above) – facial products for young women right up to adult age.

I also sat down to talk with Min-gyu and Ellen from Enclair jewellery. The team presented pretty and easy to wear accessories – suitable again for young adults and up. I can see this appealing to some kids in our show and their parents.



The second last exhibitor I checked out was Aribebe – baby products, including stroller seat, sleeping bags and bedding sets for kids. Thanks to Christine who helped translate for the CEO Aron and I (pictured below).


It was also great to chat to the marketer Jonjin of Bluefeel and an assistant for the event. These cooling fans became so popular in the recent summer in Korea, when temperatures reached extreme highs.



Also a shout out to Richard from Lotte Homeshopping who spent a lot of time talking with me right at the end of the night. I hope we can meet up in Korea and talk about progress we’ve both been able to make in business.


As mentioned above, this event goes for one more day. Check it out!

Note, it’s better suited to buyers and people interested in generally doing business with Korea as not a lot of produts are available for purchase on the spot.



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