Tommy Jeans pop-up store, Sydney

For the past two weeks the Tommy Jeans pop-up store event in Paddington kept flashing up on my Facebook.

I’ve only recently really been into the brand in terms of actually buying any of the pieces. I purchased a pair of jeans from the store in Westfield Parramatta and took them over with me to Seoul for fashion week. I also got a nice pair of comfy flats suitable and stylish for work or to dress up for events as they are so comfortable.

Any way if you were one of the first 100 people to line up today you would have received a Tommy Jeans tote bag with $100 value apparently inside. I did arrive before 9am but the line was already too long. The staff were super informative and accommodating the whole time by offering branded bottles of water and even asking if we wanted any coffee ordered.

I managed to get inside by 10am, I think, where there were lots of people crazily shopping to the sounds of a DJ, Mowgli May, keeping the vibe alive āœŒšŸ»

The store was a fun experience with a game machine on the side full of gift card prizes, with some up to the value of $50, that could be claimed online to spend.

To the other corner of the room they had a nice art wall by local artist @gunnzelle.

There were also other DJs planned to play after and a photo opportunity with Josh Heuston.

If you missed out on going, but still want to be part of this event, the good news it’s back for one more day ://

Available for purchase is some of the best of the Tommy Jeans range, and the new Crest 6.0 capsule.

Check out some of my highlights in between also busy shopping. A big shout out to my new friend Sapphire. She was the person in front of me in the line and then we ran into each other in store again and had some fun taking photos, as you can see šŸ˜ƒ Thank you šŸ™ŒšŸ» #tommyjeans #tommyhilfiger



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