Sydney fashion & network catch-up

On Sunday 24 December I organised a meet up with like-minded people in Sydney into fashion and photography. We met at Opera Bar in front of the gorgeous Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Thanks to all the guys who attended. It was nice to see some old faces who have supported my get togethers since the very beginning as well as meet some new people, hopefully making some great long term friends.

Check out some photos below. I’ll be organising another meet up at a different location soon.003a8015003a8017003a8018003a8019003a8027003a8030003a8031003a8033003a8034003a8035003a8043003a8067003a8070003a8087003a8089003a8092003a8093003a8094003a8096003a8097003a8100003a8104003a8110003a8115003a8131003a8134003a8135003a8136003a8139003a8152003a8153003a8162003a8165003a8166003a8167

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