About Interlaced Media

Interlaced Media is a photography and production management service provided by owner and director Natalie Rap based in Sydney, Australia.

Natalie has more than 10 years of experience performing, presenting, volunteering and working in the fashion, lifestyle, sports and entertainment industries throughout Australia and around the world.

Please contact Natalie for assistance with photo shoots, social and events, runway and street photography, video content and live presenting.

Introduction and background

Hi, I’m Nat and I launched Interlaced Media as a creative outlet to share my experiences of working within the fashion and entertainment industries.

I love to keep up to date with the latest fashion news from around the world through my love of fashion weeks, taking photographs, going to events and meeting people.

I am extremely passionate and committed to working hard in the industry. My most recent achievement has been establishing Seoul Kids Fashion Show, South Korea’s first children’s runway event in 2017. The event continues to grow and highlights the power of digital media as a way to connect with like-minded people around the world no matter our age, background or experience.

Within Australia I have volunteered thousands of hours helping at many events including Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia, Melbourne Fashion Festival and the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Brisbane.

One of my career highlights was travelling to 13 international fashion weeks in 2016, including Milan, Paris, New York, London and Tokyo to name a few. I photographed street style fashion, runway looks and assisted designers backstage. This was a true personal challenge to navigate my way solo, yet the most rewarding and unforgettable professional experience that I will value and never forget for the rest of my life!

I have still a lot of energy and ideas to generate into future opportunities. I look forward to connecting with like-minded people along my journey so we can support each other and make a positive difference to the industry.

Follow my journey.

Nat x


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