World Style Unite People


It started out as a dream to attend Vancouver Fashion Week in 2014, and because I knew when doing so I wouldn’t know anyone in the city and that I’d want to make the most of my time and meet as many people, I decided to organised my own event – a fashion bloggers brunch.

From there the event has grown and gone onto being hosted in line with the time fashion weeks are being hosted in other cities around the world.

Brunches hosted

The brunches I’ve hosted include:

Growth of the events

The events have increased in popularity, with interest in these from not just bloggers, but others who work across the creative industries and need some encouragement, support and inspiration to live their dream.

I have therefore decided to expand these catch-ups to include bloggers and people in general working in the fashion and creative industries. The events fall under the umbrella of #WorldStyleUnitePeople – or in short form #WSUP.

The informal catch ups are aimed at bringing like-minded people together who love and are passionate about forging hobbies or careers in the creative industries and most importantly being there to support each other on the journey.

Last year I travelled overseas for five months covering 13 fashion week events taking photographs. I also held blogger brunches in some of these cities, spreading the message of support and love to connect with each other.

Where to from now

This year the events are merging into a new format as part of my plan to build and continue their success.

Please get in touch if you’re a #fashionblogger or in the #fashionindustry anywhere around the world and we can discuss possibilities of connecting for these events.

The events are a way to meet like-minded people who are passionate about their work in the industry and supporting each other, all while meeting in a relaxed environment and enjoying good food.

Models, bloggers, hair and make-up artists, designers, photographers – everyone is welcome no matter if you’re just starting out or established.